31st Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology

Munich, Germany, 11-15 March 2016

7th European Congress of Andrology ( 7th ECA ).

Berlin, 28 Nov.  – 1 Dec. 2012

26th Annual EAU Congress.

18-22 March 2011, Vienna, Austria

8th meeting of the EAU section of Oncological Urology (ESOU),

21-23 Jan. 2011, London,UK

XXth EAU Congress.

March 2005. CNR, Istanbul, Turkey.

XIXth EAU Congress.

Mar. 2004. Vienna. Austria.

3rd Meeting of the European Society of Andrological Urology (ESAU).

Sep.2004.Athens. Greece.

8th Mediterranean Congress of Urology.

Sep. 2003. Crete. Greece.

6th Balkan Congress of Medicine and Dentistry for students and young doctors (BCMD).

Nov.2002. Ioannina. Greece.

18th Medical University Symposium.

Oct. 2004. Ioannina. Greece

17th Panhellenic Urological Congress.

Jun. 2004. Alexandroupolis. Greece.

24th Urological Days in Athens.

Apr. 2004. Athens. Greece

4th Congress of Andrology.

Jan. 2004. Patras. Greece

23rd Urological Days in Athens.

Mar. 2003. Athens. Greece.

Andrological Days in Patras.

Jan.2003. Patras. Greece

Andrological Days in Ioannina.

Oct. 2002. Ioannina. Greece

2nd Medical Congress in Epirous.

Oct. 2002. Ioannina. Greece

16th Panhellenic Congress of Urology.

Sep. 2002. Kalamata. Greece

3rd Andrological  Congress.

May 2002. Patras. Greece.

2nd Andrological Symposium.

Jun. 1997. Alexandroupolis. Greece